Special Offers

Qrates is online service for musicians to create, release and distribute their music on vinyl records directly to fans and retail stores. 

By leveraging crowdfunding mechanisms, collapsing the value chain and evolving on-demand manufacturing, artists can easily launch their vinyl projects without financial commitments or inventory risks

Use coupon code TRAXPLOITATION05 to receive a 5% discount on your first vinyl project on Qrates! More info here

MIX:ANALOG is a web application that allows audio engineers from all over the world to connect to analog studio hardware and use it in real-time to process their tracks. The application is especially useful for small budget studios that can’t afford to own the best hardware.

Sessions are paid for using Mix:Analog Tokens (MATs), these tokens can be purchased using Credit Card/Paypal.

You get 300 free MATs when you sign up (which is about 35 minutes worth). Get an extra 150 free tokens when you join Mix:Analog via the special Traxploitation link

DistroKid is a service for musicians that puts your music into online stores & streaming services. They will get your music into iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and 150+ more. You pay one annual fee for UNLIMITED albums and songs, and you keep 100% of the royalties.

There’s loads of bonus features like instant verification on Spotify and access to Spotify for Artists. You can also set up royalty splits to automatically send money to featured artists, producers and other collaborators without the need for expensive software or accountants. There’s also YouTube monetization and loads more…

Get a 7% discount when you sign up to Distrokid using the special Traxploitation link.

1&1 IONOS is the hosting and cloud partner of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer a portfolio of solutions to get you, your band or label present online and working in the digital space. They are the largest hosting company in Europe and provide 24/7 customer support via phone, email and live-chat.

Packages for web hosting start at just £1 per month plus VAT and include a free domain name.